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Las Vegas, NV 89115
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Background: Custom Towing was established in Las Vegas in September of 1988 and purchased by Joe & Cyndi Causey in October of 1995. Joe has been in the towing business locally since 1984 while Cyndi has had upper management experience since 1991. They are members of the TRAA (Towing Recovery Association of America) and of the Better Business Bureau Care Program. The number to the BBB is 320-4508 if you wish to confirm our status.



Service: We really do care for our customers which is why we try to offer a service above all others. Joe & Cyndi have an open door policy to anyone who requires their attention, without being screened first. They can be reached during all normal (and sometimes abnormal) working hours at the office. Your call will always be answered by a live voice NOT an automated one. The entire staff of Custom Towing are well trained at their jobs and they strive to do them with the excellence that we all want, need and expect. If you are leaving for the day and we receive a call from one of your customers for a tow, we will store the vehicle in our secured yard until you are ready for delivery the next day without an additional charge. We currently own 13 trucks with the majority of them being flatbeds strategically located throughout the valley to help expedite the time it will take to get to you. An honest ETA is given at the time of a call, but should that change for any reason, you will be give the courtesy of a call to let you know.


Security: Because we tow for numerous Police entities (NHP, BLM & UNLV), our trucks are completely inspected by the D.O.T. yearly and our drivers are drug tested 4 times, the Department of Transportation requirement. All of our trucks and drivers are fully insured. We also pull DMV reports on each driver every 6 months to confirm person safety driving habits.


Rates: Of the six major towing companies in Las Vegas (major being those that tow a Police entity), our consent tow rates are well below the average. On top of this we offer stimulus rates from time to time. For companies that have an established business and are approved to open a charge account with us, additional special considerations are made. Those considerations must be made only thru Cyndi.


Services: Flatbed Towing, Wrecker Services, Jump Starts, Tire Changes, On Property Relocates, Transportation Hub, Lien Sales AND we have drivers that are specifically trained for towing specialty & high end vehicles.


Special Services: Custom Towing’s services include private impounding of illegally parked or abandoned vehicles on your property. This is done without any service charge to you. All you have to do is fill out the appropriate form to tell us who has the authority to place any calls. We will supply you with the signs needed for you to post at your property entrances. That’s all there is to it!


***     Walk & Tag: If we indeed handle your private impounding for you, at your request, we ill walk your property at least once a month to keep you assessed of any vehicles that are in violation. You are still in control if you want them towed or not.


***     Red Zones & Handicap Zones: Again,  if we handle your private impounding for you, and you request this service, we will patrol your property and remove any vehicle that is parked in a red (fire) zone or a handicap area that does not belong there. A picture(s) will be taken & stored to prove the infraction should you require it. This service is at no charge to you. (Chapter 706 of NAC, Section 4 (LCB File #R075-08)  allows you to take advantage of this immediate removal service).


Time To Make Changes: If you are not completely satisfied with your current company of if you should need service sooner than yours can get to you, Custom Towing would be honored to hear from you. If you have any questions, feel free to call Cyndi here at the office. Thank you! We hope to show you soon how much we do care for our customers and yours.


Joe & Cyndi Causey, Owners

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